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Posted on 07 February 2010 by admin

The green brigade has precisely touched most of the industries; Automobile can be left as the fuel consumption is the highest in this sector. Efforts have been made in the past to promote electric cars but the end result has not been impressive to many. Electronic cars launched previously had few draw backs like their top speed not exceeding 20 miles per hour, long recharge hours, expensive and two seating capacity. Though they make no noise and are pollution free vehicles it didn’t made any difference.

A lot of time and money has been put in developing these electric cars and make them more lucrative to the buyer.

UK is coming up with a Electric car which will be a four seater, can run up to 70 miles without bothering to be recharged. It’s a Citroen C1 based car, which is joint venture by Peugeot, Toyota and Citroen. It shall take only six to seven hours to charge and can be charged in a 13a normal socket. Subsidies are also being discussed with British government to encourage people to go in for a Citroen C1. By 2011 Citroen C1will hit the market.

Up till now the designs of any of the previous launched electric cars have not tempted most of them to buy one. They are expensive no fancy features or designs and they could not accommodate large families either. Hope fully the scenario will change in the near future.

Another such product, which is with an electric motor running on three wheels, is an Aptera. It’s quite pleasing to eyes and pollution free.

Aptera 2e is originally manufactured in California, USA. Mostly to be launched by the end of 2009. Aptera 2e can run 100 miles without bothering to be recharged. This is a two seater car with comfortable space for luggage. A Navigation system, an air conditioner, Side and front airbags, Power locks and electric windows are few features of the Aptera2. You can go 0 to 60 in less than 10 seconds which is commendable for an electric car. Such features are not present in any of its present counterparts. You can plug it in to any normal outlet of about 110v which will be cost you about 50c. A test drive of the Aptera 2e shall be an experience you had been waiting for.

Aptera 2e will be launched in California initially then Florida followed by Texas. Only by 2010 or2011 it will be available in other parts of the US. With all the state of art facilities, saving a lot of your hard earned money on fuel and being an eco friendly vehicle it will surely be a treat to drive.

Our future lies in these cars. They only do well to the environment and also to your pockets. You might feel it on an expensive side initially but the amount of money you shall be saving on fuel in the long run is remarkable.

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  1. MattII Says:

    There are still a few issues with electric cars, like the discharge curves of batteries, the fact that high-energy batteries require materials that are none too clean to produce, the fact that most countries get the majority of their power from none-green power plants, and they still take hours to charge up.

    A better solution would be to use smaller motors in our vehicles (1-1.3 litres for hatchbacks, 1.5-1.8 litres for sedans, 1.7-2 litres for station wagons, people-movers and vans)

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