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The Future – Electric Cars

Posted on 07 February 2010 by admin

The green brigade has precisely touched most of the industries; Automobile can be left as the fuel consumption is the highest in this sector. Efforts have been made in the past to promote electric cars but the end result has not been impressive to many. Electronic cars launched previously had few draw backs like their top speed not exceeding 20 miles per hour, long recharge hours, expensive and two seating capacity. Though they make no noise and are pollution free vehicles it didn’t made any difference.

A lot of time and money has been put in developing these electric cars and make them more lucrative to the buyer.

UK is coming up with a Electric car which will be a four seater, can run up to 70 miles without bothering to be recharged. It’s a Citroen C1 based car, which is joint venture by Peugeot, Toyota and Citroen. It shall take only six to seven hours to charge and can be charged in a 13a normal socket. Subsidies are also being discussed with British government to encourage people to go in for a Citroen C1. By 2011 Citroen C1will hit the market.
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